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One of the key failures of all advertising campaigns is the duration. Many businesses advertise at great expense and then stops when there is no immediate reaction, convincing themselves that it did not work.

Advertising is not a sales pitch. It is a process to build confidence in your ability as a business to deliver.

We often call it Brand building or brand awareness and use as example, the largest softdrink brand in the world; Coca Cola. If you haven’t heard of Coke, welcome to planet Earth, You are on the third planet from the Sun.

Coke is well-known all over the world, yet spends millions each year in advertising. Why?

The answer is simple. If you are the world’s best known brand in softdrinks, you want to stay at number 1.

And while you may not have the budget like the biggest names in business, your strategy should be the same. If you spend R1 500 per month, you will become known among a group of people. These people will tell others, and they in turn will tell others. What better way to strike up a conversation than starting with “Did you see the new….” or “Did you read the article on….”?

We can help you get your brand name out there. You did not just pick your business name from a hat. You chose it for specific reason. Tell the world!!

Or stand in the dark and wave….

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